Is PR a tool for big businesses? Can smaller businesses use PR effectively? We think they can.

That’s why we’ve started pressme – to help small and medium-sized businesses use PR to get into press and media.


SillySeasonPR school holiday challenge
Join our free #SillySeasonPR school holiday challenge to make PR work for your business during the summer ‘silly season’ when news is often scarce . . . start here.

pressme offers two main services:

Fixed-price PR

pressme provides a fixed-price service for writing press releases to make PR affordable for smaller businesses.


pressme provides an all-inclusive service for producing company magazines – including planning, editing, writing, designing and arranging print production and online publication.

More about pressme

Please call us now on 0333 0444 354 or or email us to find out more about pressme services.

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