Public relations

Use z2z public relations capabilities to raise your profile and achieve your business objectives.

Get your name out there

So many people are good at what they do, but often too few people know about them.

Success in business requires your market to know just how good you are.

Public relations helps by getting your name out there.

What is public relations?

We think it starts with everyday interaction with the public:

  • When you answer the phone with a friendly greeting
  • When someone sees your branding on your vehicle
  • When a web site visitor first sees your landing page

All forms of public contact work together to create your identity – not your logo and company colours – but the ‘personality’ of your business.

How you and your business conduct yourselves when in contact with the public affects your reputation, as a person could praise or criticise you depending on how they feel you acted.

Use public relations to manage and build your reputation deliberately through specific activities, from press campaigns to speaking and exhibiting at events, discussing issues on your web site, blog or social media networks, and more.

How will PR work for me?

You talk to people every day, so creating your desired tone of voice and choosing the language you use in your business will have an immediate effect.

More active management using z2z public relations services achieves even more through:

  • PR campaigns – identifying interesting stories that get your message across to the public
  • Case studies – demonstrating your achievements and how customers benefited
  • Social media – creating a more personal approach by engaging with individuals
  • Events – promoting your business through speaking or exhibiting
  • Community involvement – playing an active role by sponsoring or supporting community activities

When you use our PR services, we apply our copywriting expertise to create compelling press releases and articles, our journalism experience to plan and complete effective campaigns and our events organisation skills to promote you in person.

Discuss how z2z public relations services can help your business by calling 0333 0444 354 or email us.

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