Writing for clarity

Many people in business are required to write letters, articles and other documents, even though they do not feel confident about their ability to write. What can they do?

A good approach is to focus on ensuring that your readers understand your message. Are you expressing yourself clearly? Will your readers have access to the same background information that you have? Can they understand your article on its own or will it leave them with unanswered questions?

Often there is a temptation to write more in order to explain a point more clearly. This rarely works. It is often the simplest writing that communicates most effectively. So cut out any unnecessary words or phrases that are likely to clutter your writing and get in the way of your message.

If you are writing about a complex topic, perhaps it is too much to explain everything in one document. If this is the case, consider breaking up your writing into separate documents or dividing one document into sections or chapters so that readers can handle one chunk of information at a time. This way they can understand the content fully, whereas if everything is thrown at them in one go, they could be overwhelmed by the amount of information.

So keep it clear, cut unnecessary material and structure your documents so that your content is easy to digest.

Robert Zarywacz

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