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We work with all sizes and types of businesses and know that small businesses and SMEs need effective copywriting and promotion as much as big businesses. This is the reason we have launched our new pressme online store where you can buy fixed-price copywriting services.

Realistic copywriting service

pressme copywriting services are straightforward and transparent – for when you want a single article or a series of articles, blogs, case studies or press releases.

They are realistic too. Yes, in an ideal world we would all sit down and plan everything, but the reality of PR, marketing and communications is that opportunities often present themselves without warning and we have to decide whether to take them or let them pass. Grasping these opportunities inevitably means working to tight deadlines with no time for meetings, just pressure to get effective content written in time. That’s what pressme offers you.

Write up article – when you already have all the information

The pressme Write up article service gives you the option of providing all the information yourself, as you probably have most, if not all, of it already. Copywriters often say they want to go away to research and think while their meter ticks, but sometimes clients have all the information and want it shaped into a readable article that does the job. The pressme Write up article service does this for you.

Research and write – full article production

And if you do need full research and interviews, the pressme ‘Research and write’ product offers the complete process from scratch to completed article.

Copywriting for any business

Is pressme only for SME’s? That’s why we originally developed it, but we can see that it is useful to any size of business, so we will be delighted to write for any size of client using our pressme copywriting services.

Write up 1 article from information you already have to meet an urgent deadline

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One article written up from details you supply when you:

  • Already have the information and know what you want to say
  • Need an article, blog, case study, newsflash or press release written up
  • Have to supply an article to meet a journalist's deadline
  • Need a press release, newsflash or blog in time for a new product launch or event
  • Have been meaning to write a blog but don't have the time
  • Want a professional copywriter to write for your business

2 fixed-cost options (*plus VAT):

  • £60* for short article up to 400 words
  • £100* for long article 401 to 1,000 words

We can often write this up for you within 48 hours, but we'll agree the deadline with you before we start – call us on 0333 0444 354 if your deadline is less than 48 hours away.

Read how the Write up article service works or all pressme FAQs.

If you need us to research your blog, article or press release or conduct interviews for a case study, please see our Research + write service.

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