How do the pressme Article and Blogs copywriting services work?

We write up articles from information you already have, using our journalism skills to identify what is needed for the article. Our process runs like this:

  1. Purchase your article(s).
  2. We agree the deadline(s) with you.
  3. We ask you questions about what format you want the article in (ie article or blog), the topic, what information you have, what your message is, your target audience, the tone of voice you want to use and what action you want readers to take.
  4. We write the article or blog.
  5. We send the text to you to review.
  6. We make any amendments you require – depending on how fast you advise what changes you want and how soon your deadline is.
  7. We send you the finished copy for your approval.
  8. Where required, we upload the article to your web site.
Telephone: 0333 0444 354