When enough is enough there’s a PR opportunity for you

Sometimes I get phone calls from business owners asking nervously if I’d be interested in writing about their business. I ask them what they do to find out more about their story.

These conversations often reveal businesses with very interesting stories. Of course I want to write about them.

It’s easy to think that businesses with their own PR and marketing staff or who employ PR agencies are the only ones who can get in the press.

I’ll let you into a secret. Their press releases are very often not that interesting and some of them bombard me with ‘news’. If I write about the same business every week, readers will get bored.

I am always looking out for undiscovered businesses with a story to tell. I also like businesses who send me press releases on a regular basis, but don’t bombard me. Many other journalists will feel the same.

So think that you could actually be answering a journalist’s prayer to receive something fresh, something different. They have pages to fill every day, week or month. Give them something good to put on them.

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