Bad news

Lots of it. Everywhere. Worrying. Frightening. The media love it.

If governments are making such a hash of it, how can businesses hope to cope?

By thinking about it. By knowing what we’re doing. By keeping our nerve. By addressing the issues.

The volatility of the financial markets illustrates that promised solutions need to offer long-term results, not just something that will buoy people up for a day or two.

It’s difficult and is likely to get more difficult. 

Discussing any problems or contentious business issues publicly requires realism, honesty and guts. When done carefully, it can turn a negative into a positive, but there has to be substance and a compelling story. The media are looking for bad news, so bland announcements will have no chance of being picked up.

Businesses that can achieve this are more likely to lead the way in troubled times by using public relations as a very effective marketing tool.  


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