Yikes! What is stopping you?

Many of us have things that we put off doing.

Yikes! What is stopping you?

Last weekend I started installing loft insulation we bought four years ago. It’s a horrible job and there are plenty of good excuses for doing something else. However, winter is here and the difference in warmth it has made already is amazing.

Of course, now I am asking myself: “Why didn’t I do this before?”

Not trying avoids disappointment

It’s the same with many things in business, especially PR. People think about it, but it can seem a bit scary. What if I send off a press release and no one is interested? What if I call a journalist and get a grumpy rejection? Sometimes it’s easier not to try so we don’t get disappointed.

With my journalist’s hat on, there is nothing that delights me more than an email from a small business that I have featured in the business pages I write. Many are so pleased to see their photo and read about their activities. And many say they get business as a result of their article.

Could we have succeeded?

Although this approach avoids disappointment, it also prevents us from fulfilling our potential. Could we have succeeded? Who knows? But our competitors will probably lap up publicity if we don’t try.

Is there anything stopping you from using PR for your business?

We’d like to hear from you if there is anything stopping you from using PR in your business. If you leave a comment below, we’ll try to provide an answer that helps. Lack of budget is a common barrier, but there is a lot you can do yourself if you have time.

So if there is anything stopping you and you’d like to ask about it, now is your chance.

Target relevant publications with your press release

Even before you start writing your press release, think who you want to read it and where you will send it. If you leave this until after you’ve written it, you could find that your press release is not suitable for the publication(s) you are targeting.

Taking a scattergun approach and sending it to everyone is not a good idea either. As a business journalist, I receive so many irrelevant press releases that waste my time. While I try to remain helpful at all times, sometimes this does stretch my patience too far.

Does this matter? Well, if it puts a journalist off reading anything you send them, it could mean you miss the one big opportunity when they are interested.

I am really grateful when people take the time to find out what news I am seeking.

Every PR action must have an objective

Have you ever been in a meeting where someone says “we must do a press release”?

Why? What’s the point?

We must know what we want to achieve before we start researching, interviewing, writing and distributing a press release.

Planning should identify business objectives. Focus your PR campaign and press releases on achieving these.

They could be to:

  • generate more sales
  • publicise an event
  • raise your individual profile
  • attract investor
  • launch a new product
  • establish a brand identity

When we know what we’re aiming to achieve, we know our time and effort will be well spent.


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