Catch that PR request before it slips through your fingers

Catch that PR request before it slips through your fingersYou’ve done all the hard work, developed your strategy, planned your campaign, gathered all your information, identified your target audience, written your press release and distributed it.

You come out of a meeting or leave an area with poor mobile reception and your phone bleeps to say you have voicemail. It’s a journalist who wants a comment on the issue you want to talk about it.

It’s the opportunity you’ve worked for, the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

Take it. Call back. Fast.

Journalists spend a lot of time trying to get hold of people for comment. If they have a deadline, they’ll probably call the next person on the list and forget you.

They will be very grateful when you do call back. I know I am when I’ve got my journalist hat on. And if they know you call back, they are more likely to call you when they want comment in the future.

Don’t let that chance slip through your fingers and disappear downstream.

What is it worth to you?

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