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What’s bubbling away in your business?

This morning I was thinking about blog topics for today when the boiling water in the…


Why are some press releases like lost baggage at an airport?

When I worked in communications for an international airline, I remember a tour behind the scenes…


Did they miss your story?

When I read a press release, I expect it to be about the topic in the headline and introductory paragraph, but last week I found a second story embedded further on in a press release.


Does anyone know what you do?

Few job titles describe what a person does accurately. This isn’t helpful when people ask what you do and want a one word answer.


Free exposure

This morning I was surprised to see that I was the writer of the star letter in MacUser magazine.


Managing long documents effectively

When commissioned to proofread magazines, newsletters, reports, manuals and web sites before they are sent to print or published on the internet, often we find major inconsistencies throughout the document, which require considerable rewriting or editing. Sometimes there isn’t enough time to do this and the document is produced with only the worst errors and typos corrected. Anyone producing a long document can avoid this by assuming the role of editor and managing production from start to finish.


When the committee writes a document . . .

When the committee writes a document, the result is often a variety of inconsistent spellings, grammar and punctuation. The same phrase can be written three different ways on the same page, sometimes with capitals, sometimes without. Generally, it’s a mess.


What is law in English?

The other day I read a letter in a local newspaper criticising another correspondent’s use of English, which referred to Fowler’s Modern English Usage almost as a bible for the language.


Reflecting people’s views

As the editor of a magazine for an organisation, I was interested to hear someone criticise some of the views expressed by contributors to the magazine.

Now, as editor, I do not necessarily agree with or share the views of contributors, but I don’t believe my role is to censor those views which do not coincide with my own.