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Why? Who says so?

I don’t like people or organisations to order me about, trying to bully me into doing things because they think I should. Yet more and more communications I receive from organisations, especially those in the public sector, say that businesses “must” or “should” take some particular action.

Now, there’s often a very good reason why businesses ought to consider doing some of these things, but it’s up to them to make their own decisions.

If these (possibly) well-intentioned organisations really want to help businesses, they are more likely to succeed by engaging with them, establishing a dialogue and persuading rather than patronising them.

Perhaps it’s because some of these organisations are being abolished and many having their funding reduced that they feel the need to throw their weight about to establish or maintain their authority. Interestingly, these communications are often issued via public relations agencies who ought to know that annoying an audience can wreck any chance of getting them to take a specific action.

With public sector organisations expected to be more effective on smaller budgets, treating audiences with some respect could improve their performance at no extra cost.

And if you’ve read this, thank you. We’d never really order you to do anything.

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