Finding your focus

When you look at the extensive range of communications you could get involved in, it’s easy to feel swamped by it all. Keeping in touch with customers, employees, suppliers and associates can take a lot of time and effort and there are so many things to do: web sites, newsletters, emails, phone calls.

Everyone has finite resources so it’s useful to focus on what can be managed rather than attempting, and failing, everything.

For many businesses, a web presence – even just a brochure web site – is the bare minimum for creating awareness. That’s not to say that the majority of your customers or target audience don’t prefer other means of communication, so the main focus should be on what really counts.

Just keeping everything up to date is a start. An out-of-date piece of information on our own web site was pointed out to me today and we’re amending it so that it is correct. This will happen for most businesses and there’s no point in worrying about it as long as you take speedy action to put things right as soon as you can. This shows how important it is to review material regularly.

Once you start planning and managing your communications, it does get easier as each activity will require less time to keep it going than was needed to get it started.

So focus on what’s really important to your business first and gradually widen your activity as and when you’re able.

After our last blog, have you achieved the right balance of challenge and achievement?

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