Why is proofreading and checking important?

Recently, I received a newly printed brochure from a local company.

It looked very good, but unfortunately a glaring error stared out of the text. The spelling was correct, but it was the wrong word.

Watch out for this when checking text using a spell-checker on your PC. It will not alert you to the fact that the wrong word has been used, because it is not clever enough.

Ultimately, ask someone independent of the production process – ie not the writer, designer or you – to proofread text before publishing or going to print. It’s well worth it.

Here are some similar sounding words, which have different meanings – take care when using them:

• their (belonging to them) and there (at that place)

• bear (to carry) and (bare) plain, unclothed

• compliment (to praise) and complement (to make complete)

• discreet (unobtrusive) and discrete (separate)

• dependant (one whoe depends on another) and dependent (depending on)

• principal (first in rank) and principle (fundamental truth)

• programme (plan of proceedings) and program (computer software)

Use the right word, as the wrong one can change the meaning of your text.

A proofreader can spot errors such as these.


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