Write my press release in the dust

Have you ever been in a meeting where someone says “we must do a press release”?Write my press release in the dust

That’s it: the press release is done.

But what does it actually do?

It’s a bit like producing a brochure and having hundreds or thousands sitting in boxes in the corner of the office gathering dust. We’ve invested our time in writing and design as well as money in printing, but we’re not getting any return on our investment as they sit there. All that we get is dust.

Writing the press release is often the easy part. Getting interest in it is the challenge. That’s where we have to ‘do’ a lot more.

If we’ve got relationships with journalists, we can talk to them about it.

We can distribute it to our target list of journalists.

We can post it on our web site.

We can share it on social media networks.

We can talk about it on audio or video.

We can think of other inventive ways to draw attention to it.

A bit like a Twitter stream rushing past, a press release in an email can get lost in a flood of other press releases. And if it doesn’t get noticed, it will have the same effect as those brochures gathering dust in our office.

Developing a process that brings press releases to the attention of target audiences takes some ‘doing’, but will get better value from a PR campaign.

How do you promote your press releases?

He’s so outrageous!

If a business doesn’t promote its products and services to potential customers, it won’t be a business for very long. Every business has to do it, from global brands to sole traders.

Some people don’t like talking about how good they are, while others are only too happy to hear the sound of their own voices again and again . . . and very often . . . again.

How you promote your business is up to you – subtly, vigorously or outrageously – although it’s best to choose a style that won’t alienate customers.

What’s important is that the claims you make should not be outrageous, even if the way you make them is. For example, claims to be a social media guru could be undermined where an individual has a very small number of visible online contacts or rarely communicates with anyone. People are likely to ask: “How can they be an expert when they don’t seem to be capable of doing it themselves?” Even if there is a good answer to this, few will hang around long enough to find out.

It’s rare to get a second chance so make sure you can substantiate every claim for eagle-eyed customers.


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