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Target relevant publications with your press release

Even before you start writing your press release, think who you want to read it and…


Who is your audience?

Who do you want to hear your story? Is it one group of people or more,…


Improve your PR results with basic research

The simplest thing anyone can do is find out the right person to receive a press release on a specific topic.


Are they interested in what you’re interested in?

When you’ve got something you want to tell the rest of the world, it’s easy to rattle on enthusiastically about what you find interesting, usually something of great value to your business. But how do you know if a journalist or editor will find it interesting too?


Managing long documents effectively

When commissioned to proofread magazines, newsletters, reports, manuals and web sites before they are sent to print or published on the internet, often we find major inconsistencies throughout the document, which require considerable rewriting or editing. Sometimes there isn’t enough time to do this and the document is produced with only the worst errors and typos corrected. Anyone producing a long document can avoid this by assuming the role of editor and managing production from start to finish.


It’s wrong! I should have checked it.

A day before going to print, someone asks if anyone has proofread a document. No. We’d better find a proofreader – quick!