Pause . . . for thought

In our quest for continuous detailed instant information, so much simply gets lost.

Often, we need to slow down . . . to pause . . . to take stock.

What have we missed that could have been of value to us?

Whether you’re writing text for the page or screen, or speaking to an audience, the pause is an essential tool.

When we’re writing, it helps to break up long sentences, while splitting long passages into shorter paragraphs can help readers to digest content more easily. When we’re speaking, pauses can help to slow us down so that people find it easier to understand what we are saying; they can also help to emphasise key points and to hold the audience’s attention.

So don’t try to fill every square inch of paper with text or every second of a speech with your voice, add pauses to improve your writing and speaking.

Robert Zarywacz

What’s the big idea?

There are millions of pages of web sites and weblogs, but how many provide any real value or entertainment?

I believe in writing or speaking only if I’ve got something worthwhile to say, even if that’s just to greet someone.

So today I’ll take my own advice, say hello, and shut up.

Robert Zarywacz

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