Pause . . . for thought

In our quest for continuous detailed instant information, so much simply gets lost.

Often, we need to slow down . . . to pause . . . to take stock.

What have we missed that could have been of value to us?

Whether you’re writing text for the page or screen, or speaking to an audience, the pause is an essential tool.

When we’re writing, it helps to break up long sentences, while splitting long passages into shorter paragraphs can help readers to digest content more easily. When we’re speaking, pauses can help to slow us down so that people find it easier to understand what we are saying; they can also help to emphasise key points and to hold the audience’s attention.

So don’t try to fill every square inch of paper with text or every second of a speech with your voice, add pauses to improve your writing and speaking.

Robert Zarywacz

It’s hard to find a good copywriter

Last week we were approached by a prospective client to whom our copywriting service had been recommended by a colleague. They were keen to discover what we do, how we write and whether we fit in with their requirements. During our initial conversation they said: “It’s hard to find a good copywriter.”

This is interesting, considering there are thousands of freelance copywriters available.

So what makes a good copywriter?

In our view, a good copywriter understands the clients’ objectives. What does the client want their readers to do: call their phone number, visit their web site or buy something? The copywriter must also understand the identity of the audience: businesses or/and consumers; young or/and old; male or/and female; plus a thousand other variables.

With this understanding, the copywriter writes in a style appropriate to that audience, using the language these specific readers like to hear, and which they can understand easily.

Not every copywriter is able, or wants, to write for every audience; they all have personal preferences and specialities. While it is generally easy for a copywriter to write about almost anything, that is not to say that a copywriter specialising in one field will be able to write about another field with the same success.

Then there’s the client-copywriter relationship. As with many services, there needs to be a good working relationship to enable the smooth flow of ideas.

And, finally, a good copywriter must be able to write good copy.

Robert Zarywacz

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