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Make it easy for readers to find and understand messages

Running a business is a complex challenge. Whatever the size of organisation, many processes need to…


Does your writing sell your products and services online?

So you have a web site and a blog, but why? What do they do for you?

Most businesses have a web site as


Managing long documents effectively

When commissioned to proofread magazines, newsletters, reports, manuals and web sites before they are sent to print or published on the internet, often we find major inconsistencies throughout the document, which require considerable rewriting or editing. Sometimes there isn’t enough time to do this and the document is produced with only the worst errors and typos corrected. Anyone producing a long document can avoid this by assuming the role of editor and managing production from start to finish.


Avoid the credit crunch!

Increase your marketing efforts when others are cutting them. A freelance copywriter, proofreader can help you revitalise your material at a reasonable cost.


That’s a very long page – yawn!

One of the main uses of web sites is to sell – everything from expensive property and high cost business services to things you want to get rid of on an auction site.

There are many different approaches to writing sales copy and, as a copywriter, I prefer the concise approach.


O is for original. Content is satisfaction

While there are considerable arguments for recycling natural resources where viable, I’m not so keen when this is applied to writing. Too much of the content of web sites, newspapers and magazines is recycled.


Why is copywriting important?

No business can function without words. Whenever you draw up a contract, give an instruction to…