A to Z of communications

There are so many ways to communicate – in words and images, in print, web and speech – that sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start.

We work with you to establish and maintain effective communications through:


  • Advising & assisting when you enter for awards
  • Devising, publicising, managing & judging your own awards programme


Writing the text you need for your business

  • Copywriting – drafting your written communications
  • Editing – producing finished articles from information, notes & text
  • Online – writing for web sites, blogs & social media


Organising, managing & hosting live events

  • Conferences/exhibitions – organising & publicising
  • Seminars – planning & running
  • Presenting – writing & delivering presentations


Researching, interviewing subjects & writing news & feature articles

  • Articles – for newspapers, magazines & web sites
  • Interviews – face-to-face & telephone
  • Magazines – planning, writing, editing, laying out, printing & publishing online
  • Photography – photos of interview subjects & events to accompany articles

Outsourced communications

Acting as your marketing & PR department

  • Taking the hassle out of managing your marketing & PR
  • Ensuring smooth & continuous activity

Project manager

Developing your projects, large and small, from concepts and managing them through to successful completion


Ensuring your text reads well and that information is correct

  • Checking spelling, grammar & punctuation
  • Checking content accuracy & design consistency

Public relations

Increasing awareness of your business, its products & activities through PR

  • Case studies – showcasing your expertise & achievements using real stories
  • Press releases – creating publicity material to promote your business
  • Campaigns – creating & managing planned communications programmes

Talk to us now

To chat about any of these services and what we can do for you, please call us now on 0333 0444 354 or or email us.

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