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There are so many ways to communicate – in words and images, in print, web and speech. Where do you start?

And it can be excruciatingly painful writing about yourself when creating your own marketing material. We feel the same when we do it for ourselves.

Many people are too modest. It’s often easier when someone else looks at your business, recognises the genuine significance of your achievements and expertise, and writes about them for you. That’s what we do.

We focus on what you need rather than what we can provide and here’s a taste of what we do, from A to Z – click each category for more detail.


 Help with writing and presenting your applications when you enter awards

 Developing and running your own awards programmes


Developing a plan combining multiple activities to achieve a specific business aim

► Delivering activity over a period of time

► Co-ordinating activities so they each build on the others’ success

Case studies

We research and write case studies to promote your products and services in the words of your customers

► research background and interview you and your clients

► write, edit and publish on web social media, PDF and in print


Writing text to promote your business

 Copywriting – writing for printed publications, web sites and social media

 Editing – taking notes and other information and turning them into finished articles

Digital Identity

Establishing a consistent digital identity across all activities

► Co-ordinating web site, blogs, social media channels, directories and more


Organising, managing and hosting live events

 Conferences  / exhibitions


 Writing and / or delivering presentations


Researching, interviewing subjects and writing news and feature articles

Articles – for newspapers, magazines and web sites

► Interviews – face-to-face or remotely by phone or video

Magazines – planning, writing, editing, laying out, printing and publishing online

 Photography – photos of interview subjects and events to accompany articles


Managing and producing digital and printed magazines

► Writing, editing and design

► Sourcing and organising printing and digital publication

► Organising distribution

Outsourced PR & marketing support

Managing your marketing for you

► Managing communications activities to achieve your business aims

► Ensuring continuous and consistent activity

Freeing you up to run your business

Project manager

Developing your projects and managing them from concept through to successful completion

► All sizes of project from a short publication to a major campaign


Ensuring your communications are correct, accurate and professional

► Checking spelling, grammar and punctuation

► Checking accuracy of information and consistency across your communications

Public relations

Increasing awareness of your business, its products and activities

► Case studies – showcasing your expertise and achievements using real stories

► Press releases – creating publicity material to promote your business

► Campaigns – creating and managing campaigns using press releases, articles, case studies and social media

Social media

Selecting the appropriate social media network(s) for your business and its aims

► Creating social media profiles

► Producing effective posts


Creating videos and animations to attract attention online

 Writing and animating short videos to communicate your message

 Filming interviews

 Embedding videos on your web site and posting on YouTube and social media channels

Web sites

Creating web sites with content that attracts buyers’ attention

 Using WordPress and content management systems to build and maintain web sites

 Writing content for new and existing web sites on an ad hoc or ongoing basis

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