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Robert Zarywacz | Zarywacz @robertz | copywriter, editor, journalistRobert Zarywacz started his career with leading international organisations, including British Airways and Baker & McKenzie, before establishing Zarywacz in 1994.

Robert’s experience at BA included pioneering work in digital marketing to co-build a 7,000-page online brochure on the BT Prestel videotext system – think of a web site in 1985 – as well as monitoring worldwide customer service performance in a weekly management report for the BA board of directors. His roles in large corporations and as a partner in his own business enable Robert to work effectively with corporate clients of all sizes.

For 25 years at Zarywacz, Robert has developed his skills as a copywriter, journalist event organiser and presenter. From 2009 to 2017 he was freelance business editor for the North Devon Journal and in February 2019 launched Business Action, the independent North Devon-based business magazine. He is also co-organiser of BBxpo, the biggest business-to-business exhibition in North Devon.

When not writing for business, Robert enjoys solitary and family walks with his dog in the countryside, gardening and cookery, photography and video, history, music and art.

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