Don’t let errors lose you sales

Even a small typo can take a customer’s attention away from the carefully prepared message you need to get across.

People give up very fast when they find an error or don’t understand something, so making sure everything is correct and easy to read keeps them interested.

A proofreader picks up these mistakes, and anything else that’s not quite right, so you can correct them before going to print or publishing online.

This saves embarrassment and protects your investment in copywriting, design, production and the time spent in putting these all together.

It can also save the cost of answering unnecessary enquiries when prices, dates, times or other product details are unclear to customers.

More value than just good spelling

Proofreading gives you more value than getting letters and words in the right order and we look at:

► Spelling, grammar & punctuation – ensures correct language supports your professional image

► Page numbers, headers & footers, titles & headings – making documents easy to navigate

► Prices, dates, times & contact details –  so customers know they can trust your information

► Sense & meaning – so readers understand your messages quickly and easily

► Product names & design elements – maintaining the quality and consistency of your branding

If you’re not satisfied with your text and think it needs substantial editing or rewriting, see our Copywriter service.

Use a fresh pair of eyes to catch those typos

We know you’ve probably got a deadline to meet, so we work flexibly to check your text and documents to keep to your production schedule.

We usually work remotely and email you back marked-up proofs, although we can visit your offices by arrangement.

It’s been a long time since we marked up paper copies and now work with digital proofs to:

► Provide PDFs annotated with on-screen notes

► Provide Word documents marked up through ‘Track Changes’

► Correct text online through content management systems

Correct action

To discuss what you need us to proofread, please call 0333 0444 354 or email us.

Telephone: 0333 0444 354