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Copywriting from scratch or polishing your text

When you have an idea and don’t know how to put it into words or have written a draft that needs completing, we produce polished text for your:


Use articles to discuss issues, inform readers or announce your news in printed publications and online.

We write articles for newspapers and magazines, company newsletters and web sites, usually from 400 words upwards. We can carry out in-depth research and interviews or edit text and information you already have into finished articles.

We write for your target audience, tailoring language to ensure they understand your message easily.


Use blog posts of up to 400 words to publish your business news on your web site in short bursts. Readers expect new blogs to be added regularly and these help to keep your web site current and to attract search engines to your new material.

We write blogs of many different types from one-off posts to series of daily, weekly or monthly posts.

Press releases

Press releases are one way your business can use to announce news, including new products, appointments of new employees or events. Press releases can be posted on your web site, distributed to the media and to other contacts, such as clients and suppliers.

We write press releases to communicate your news clearly, including all the relevant information journalists require.

We also provide copywriting for:

► Case studies – to demonstrate your success with clients

 Social media posts – to express your messages succinctly

 Web sites – from micro-sites to bigger sites with many pages

How does a copywriter help you?

Before we start writing, we work to understand you and your business and what you’re working to achieve.

We we ask you searching questions to understand:

 The message you want to communicate

 Who you want it to reach

► What response you want them to take, eg call you, view a web page or visit your business

We also establish what tone of voice suits both your business and your target audience.

When you provide us with notes or your own initial text, we’ll edit these for you to read and discuss the draft text with you before making any amendments.

When writing text from scratch, we’ll ask for as much information as possible, then provide you with a draft to read. Again, we’ll discuss this with you and make any required amendments.

Write now!

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