Awards programmes & applications

When you want to maximise your chances of winning an award or want to create and run your own awards programmes, use our z2z awards service.

Awards programmes & applications

Enter for an award

Just entering an award can attract attention for your business. Judges will read your entry when selecting the winner, while being chosen as a finalist or winner will give you valuable publicity opportunities. Use your award win to generate media coverage and use it as a marketing tool on your web site, blog and your social media posts.

When you want to enter for an award, whether as an individual or organisation, we help you research and write your application so that you have the best chance of winning.

Robert Zarywacz’s experience of devising awards, developing judging criteria and sitting on judges panels equips him with knowledge of:

  • What judges are looking for
  • What information you need to provide
  • How to present your application

We can help with applications for local, regional or national awards as well as sector specific awards programmes.

To start putting your awards application together now, call 0333 0444 354 or email us.

Create your own awards programme

Awards programmes raise the profile of your organisation within your sector and among your customer base.

Use our awards expertise to:

  • Devise your awards programme, including developing categories
  • Establish the criteria for entrants to follow and for judges to use to select winners
  • Publicise your awards and attract entries
  • Select judges and manage the judging process
  • Organise the awards ceremony, including speech writing and compering

Robert Zarywacz has been heavily involved in the North Devon Journal Business Awards for five years, including writing the category criteria, suggesting judges, judging and co-presenting the awards ceremony to an audience of 200+ businesses. He has also organised the North Devon Business Alliance Online Awards and COMBEbusiness Awards and been a judge for the BT eCommerce Awards and North Devon Manufacturers Association Schools & Colleges Awards.

To get your awards programme up and running as soon as possible, please call 0333 0444 354 or email us.

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