New or old media? Digital or print? What’s best?

The way we communicate changes week by week. New developments change the way we produce and use web sites, blogs and social media. And where do traditional communications fit in? It can be hard to know what tools to use, especially when no one knows everything about every new development or service.

Should you publish in digital or print? Can you use both? The answer will depend on the audience you are aiming to reach, topics, timescales and more, but don’t rule out one or the other without proper consideration.

What approach works best for you?

We have extensive experience of writing and using online communications since 1985 and are happy to discuss any aspect of business communications with you to help your words count for more.

If you want to ask a quick question, we’ll answer it as best we can – for free. If you want in-depth advice, we’ll be pleased to provide this too. We’ll agree all costs with you before we start.

This can range from reviewing your current marketing or corporate materials – brochures, web sites, newsletters – to evaluating your business aims and recommending suitable communications activities to achieve them.

Tailored support and training

We provide one-to-one or group training on getting the best from your business communications and can provide ongoing support.

Where to start?

Please call us on 0333 0444 354 or email  to discuss what you are looking to achieve.

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