Two Zs are better than one: Z + Z > 1



Hello, we’re Robert Zarywacz and Simon Zarywacz.

We’re brothers who put our heads together (Z + Z) in 1994 to form Zarywacz, providing professional communications services to clients, large and small.

Robert and Simon Zarywacz

How do you spell Z . . . ?

Robert launched the business first, with Simon joining soon after. The choice of business name was easy. At school and university, we stood out because few could spell or pronounce our surname. We were known as Robert Z or Simon Z and some business clients still refer to us as the Z brothers.

And while we bought the Zarywacz web domain, how could people search for it? That’s when we chose the short z2z web site address, referencing the Zs at the start and end – which most people remember – and losing the bits in the middle – which seem to confuse so many.

And here we are – easy to spell, remember and find at:


Not the first Zarywacz business

As to the origins of our name, our Grandad came from a family of tailors in Poland and our Nan from Germany where our Dad was born. Grandad had run a business in Spandau, Berlin before the Second World War and, after arriving in England, started a new tailoring business in Soho, London, which he ran from the 1940s until the late 1960s.

S Zarywacz | Tailor
Our Mum was born in West London, as were we, and now Robert lives and works in Ilfracombe, Devon and Simon in Wilton, Wiltshire.

There’s a lot more to our story, but that’s for another day . . .


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