Marketing in a cold climate

Although we seem to be surrounded by bad economic news, life has to go on. With reports of job cuts, marketing and advertising cuts, and sales slowing down, it’s easy to panic.

It is wise to control expenditure, but at the same time businesses have to continue marketing and selling if they are to survive, let alone thrive.

There is so much that any business can do. Much of it is common sense and costs little:

• Keep your web site and marketing material up-to-date.

• Identify products and services that are more likely to be required by customers: what do you provide that they cannot do without?

• Focus on any of these areas that are most profitable to you.

• Package products and services so that they are more attractive in a difficult market.

• Keep in contact with existing customers to retain them and/or increase your sales.

• Explore other ways of applying your products, services and expertise. It could be just a case of adding new pages to your web site, a public relations campaign or approaching customers in different sectors.

Whatever happens, your business needs to remain visible and able to reach any customers looking to purchase.

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