The first 25 years of Zarywacz

Where did that go?

What? 25 years in business.

It’s hard to believe that Robert Zarywacz set out to provide copywriting services way, way back in 1994 . . . before the internet, social media and mobile phones embedded themselves in many people’s lives.

Simon Zarywacz joined in 1997 and together as the two Zed brothers, we have written, edited, proofread and published millions of words in print and online for clients ranging from small businesses to universities, magazines and international corporations.

Robert’s very first freelance work was as a proofreader at Safeway Stores’ head office in Hayes, leaving his corporate job on a Friday afternoon and starting work for this first Zarywacz client first thing the following Monday morning.

Our relationship with Safeway continued for 10 years until the company disappeared after being taken over, although we build long relationships with most of our clients, who know they can depend on us.

Thank you

We’d like to thank all our clients, both past and present, as well as all our suppliers and connections, not only for your custom but also for the many friends we have made.

The business world is very different from what is was in 1994 and while technology is a much bigger driver now, we believe that what’s most important in business remains the human touch.

We continue to be approachable and accessible, always happy to discuss a piece of work or project and to offer our professional advice on what we think is the best way to achieve your business objectives.

Telephone: 0333 0444 354