Know why you’re communicating

Last week we looked at developing a communications plan, but it’s very difficult to plan when you don’t know what you’re trying to achieve.

Your business plan should remind you of your objectives. If you don’t have a business plan, it’s worth developing one before you start an ambitious communications programme so that you have definite, measurable aims. Either do this yourself or consider working with a business adviser to write your plan.

Objectives can vary from specific, such as selling a certain quantity of one product, to general, such as raising awareness, which won’t necessarily result in immediate sales but will help to build your reputation.

Every communication should have a purpose, even just to inform people. A television retailer could give free advice on the analogue to digital TV switchover in the UK: it won’t increase sales immediately, but will position the business as a specialist that can provide dependable advice. It will help to ensure that it is the first name a consumer thinks of when they need to buy a new television or set-top box, so should ultimately result in more sales.

So set objectives for the short, medium and long term, either general or specific and think of ways in which you can measure your success in achieving them.

After our last blog, do you know the tone of voice you want to represent your business?

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