When you need information from busy people, tap into their enthusiasm

When you need information to be able to do a job but someone is too busy to give it to you or just never gets round to doing it, try tapping into their enthusiasm.

People love talking about their likes and are pleased to have a keen listener, so try to catch them over a cup of tea or a drink for five minutes and ask them about activities they like talking about. Take a genuine interest and ask them questions so that they talk about what you need to know.

Instead of making them sit down to spend time thinking when they don’t want to, you’ll be conducting an informal, enjoyable interview to achieve the same result.

They will feel good because they’ve had an opportunity to talk about what they do to someone who wants to listen to them and because you’ve got rid of one more task for them. You will feel good because you have the information you need and can get on with your job.

What’s more, it’ll promote better understanding in your organisation, because you’ll both know a little bit more about what you do.

Try it to see if it works.

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