Reflecting people’s views

As the editor of a magazine for an organisation, I was interested to hear someone criticise some of the views expressed by contributors to the magazine.

Now, as editor, I do not necessarily agree with or share the views of contributors, but I don’t believe my role is to censor those views which do not coincide with my own.

As long as people do not break the law in any way, do not use incorrect facts or figures, do not use bad language and as long as they express themselves coherently, I believe they can say pretty much what they like, if it is relevant to readers of the magazine.

Editing is a responsibility. I aim to leave as much of the writer’s original text as possible, only cutting text that does not add anything to the article and correcting spelling, grammar and punctuation.

I think it is healthy to be able to disagree with someone’s opinion and that they have every right to express that opinion.


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