The secret of [ comedy / ignition / PR ] is …

Before we end that sentence, let’s think about this unusual combination of topics.

If we stretched our imaginations – really stretched them – I suppose these days a problem with a car engine’s ignition could create a comic scene, as in silent movies when the motorist’s head emerged from under the bonnet covered in soot and grime, which could end up on YouTube and create PR exposure.

Yes? No? OK.

If an engine’s ignition is not properly set, the car won’t start.

If a joke isn’t set up properly, the punchline won’t be funny.

If a press release is sent to media contacts after the deadline, it won’t achieve any PR exposure.

In all cases, the secret is . . .

. . . wait for it . . .

. . . timing.

You’ll notice we don’t have a humour blog category. You’ll be relieved to know we’re not planning one either.

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