Can anyone see you?

You’re good at what you do, but how do you let other people see that?
Sitting and worrying about it won’t help. Take action!

pressme | can anyone see you?

I speak to businesses all the time and hear the same complaint again and again: they are good at what they do but no one knows what they do.

With the internet, blogs and social media available to us, you’d think this would no longer be a problem. If anything, it can be even more difficult with the amount of ‘noise’ produced by online marketing. It’s like street market traders trying to be heard by shouting louder all at the same time, only to create a hubbub where no words can be made out by anyone trying to listen.

What can you do to help people find you?

I think what is most important is to take action.

The challenge of getting your business known can be overwhelming and reduce us to sitting in our offices wondering what to do.

Put the worry aside and spend the time instead taking actions that will work for you.

There are moony small actions we can take quickly, for example:

  • List your business in free directories
  • Make sure your business name and logo are displayed on your commercial vehicles
  • Ask to leave leaflets or cards in stores you shop at regularly
  • Go to networking events and introduce yourself to new people
  • Host an event or workshop in your shop or office
  • Wear branded shirts, jackets or a badge on your suit
  • Take the chance to speak to groups of people about your business or industry
  • Phone up or email your local newspaper or radio station to tell them your business news
  • Ask your existing customers or contacts if they know people who need your product/service
  • Make sure your social media profiles are up to date and monitor them for responses
  • Use opportunities to exhibit at events
  • Support a local community group by providing help

These are just a few ideas and will be more suitable to some businesses than to others.

Will they generate more sales? Probably not on their own, but the more action you take, the more you increase awareness of your business.

Create your own PR and marketing machine

And whatever you do, keep on doing it.

Speaking to one group will not necessarily achieve the results you want immediately, but what if people like your presentation and recommend you to other groups? This could generate more opportunities to speak where you can display your pop-up banner and hand out leaflets.

Suddenly you have created your own PR and marketing machine and 10s or 100s of people will become aware of your business.

There are many ways to create awareness if we don’t let the fear of it stop us.

Our competitors are doing this, so why don’t we?

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