How firm is your footprint in the social media sand?

How firm is your footprint in the social media sand?Whoosh! Look at the timeline flying past.

A blog that has taken hours, maybe days to formulate and minutes or hours to write pops up on Twitter or Facebook and rushes past in a second.

Trying to catch hold of a post reminds me of my puppy when trying to trap moving water with his paw: it was there a moment a go, but where is it now?

Dissolving in the tide

We can lay footprints in the social media sand, but how long do they last before the tide washes their features away and we have to create another impression, then another and another?

The torrent can seem relentless.

And it’s not just social media but all forms of communication.

Plan and breathe

That’s why planning and preparation are essential.

Where can we find new ideas, a different twist on an old theme, a photo of a familiar scene at a different angle?

Drawing up a schedule for most forms of communication provides control, lets us plan and gives us time to breathe.

It also creates the space necessary for inspiration and lets those ideas we seek tumble into our minds. Where do they come from? Why weren’t they there before?

We can use these ideas in our social media, blogging, PR and marketing.

Ride the waves

We can’t fix our presence, as the sand starts blowing away as soon as we make an impression, but if we plan and schedule we can ride the social media wave and catch those moments that thrill.

4 thoughts on “How firm is your footprint in the social media sand?”

  1. Our ubiquity footprint is super important. I think the key is also consistency. With a plan you are more likely to follow through on it and have a plan. There are so many ways to leave that footprint on the net. There are so many different forms of great content we can leave. I had someone ask me if they could easily find a certain video on my youtube page. I said well scrolling won’t be the easiest because I have 150 videos that I have created over three years. So I told them to type the title in the search bar. I would have sent them a link, but I was presenting at the time. I love making a footprint. Thanks for the post.

    • Hello Joanne. You’re right. Consistency is very important. We also have to create new footprints as others disappear. Services come and go. I think of Posterous, which I used for some time. We can look over our shoulder and see things disappear.

  2. I am not a business blogger. However, for a couple of personal reasons, I’ve made the choice to blog daily. In that way, there is always a fresh post to report on – as the wave washes away my previous day’s point. My footprint may not be that firm, but I am fortunate that (at least right now) I am not blogging to make money.


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