Take a chance when you spot a PR opportunity

Take a chance when you spot a PR opportunityIf you spot an opportunity for publicity or comment, take it.

If it is a good opportunity for you to demonstrate your expertise or experience and you think about it for too long, the chance could disappear fast.

And what if a competitor gets in quick while you’re thinking it over? How will you feel when you see them billed as an expert when it could have been you?

Your comment won’t always be used, but it’s got more chance if you try.

Media opportunities come and go so fast that you have to be prepared to take them. Have you taken a photo of an event that is newsworthy? Were you on the spot when something happened and can give an eyewitness account? These are all opportunities to consider.

When you ‘think PR’ and carry your camera around with you, it’s remarkable what you start to see that you can use as PR opportunities.

And when journalists know that you are a reliable and effective source for news, they’ll start asking you for comment.

4 thoughts on “Take a chance when you spot a PR opportunity”

  1. Hello,

    Opportunities do not come everyday. It’s always good to take advantage and recognize them when they do come. Always grow and take advantage is what I always say. Thanks for sharing!


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