What action do you want readers of your press release to take?

You’ve got some exciting news to tell, but what do you want readers to do after they’ve read it?

You could have won an award, so perhaps you want people to know that you are the best in your class. Maybe your business is going to be present at an event and you want them to visit you there. Or perhaps you just want to make sure people realise that you supply a specific product and can call you when they need it.

Actions could include:

  • Being aware of your services
  • Calling you
  • Visiting your web site
  • Booking for an event
  • Visiting your premises or an event
  • Taking part in a promotion
  • Completing a survey
  • Buying a specific product

The action you want readers to take could be big or small, but it makes sense to know what you want them to do. Why else would you write and send a press release?

2 thoughts on “What action do you want readers of your press release to take?”

  1. Not only do I need to tell them what action I’d like them to take, I also try to consider what action they will take. Different media tend to respond to different types of requests better than others. Facebook and Twitter followers don’t do the same types of response I’ve found.


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