Filter tips for better business health in 2009?

How many people are bursting with new content to publish as the year changes from eight to nine? How much of it will be of any value? How much of it will be read? And how much ignored?

Whereas we used to hear of information overload, we now hear about ‘noise’: the noise of trillions of words broadcast by the minute on the internet, on web sites, on blogs, on social networks and micro-blogging sites.

We can’t read every blog, so we have to filter content. I think we’ll be filtering a lot in 2009.

This means that if we want a target audience to take notice of us, we’ll have to think even more carefully about our message, how we write it and how we ensure it reaches our audience. And it won’t be just one communication, but series of related broadcasts, each requiring a strategy.

As technology makes it easier to publish, will the frequency of broadcasts increase? Will it shorten attention span?

And what about the the loss of jobs: will it result in fewer people blogging more, more people blogging more to find work or just more people blogging all round? I can’t see a reduction in blogging: yet.

2009 will be an interesting year.

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